Access to a computer makes me over share

Something is bugging me, in a way that only my convoluted brain can properly follow.

When I blew up the theme to my blog (last week? the week before? Dunno) I lost all the crap I have spent years putting here. Little things like colors and fonts; links in the sidebar (like my badge for the boobiethon, I’ve been volunteering and/or donating for years and years, it’s like gone as if I don’t care about the boobies. Trust me, I care probably more than is healthy). So much wasted time, lost in a careless mouse click.

So I start putting things back. I found a ‘cost of war’ ticker for the bottom, a widget for twitter and to put in the side bar. You know, it’s the little things. I don’t have a ‘pretend celebrity girlfriend’ for the footer because (and I’m a little ashamed of this) we actually broke up along time ago, when she had a baby with her husband or something, I was just too lazy to update the picture and/or find a new pretend celebrity girlfriend (meeting pretend people is SO time-consuming).

OK, maybe I should stop my rambling and get to what I really came here to write. I lost all the header pictures that I used to rotate on extremely random intervals at the top of the blog. Pictures of my dog, my kids, the beach, “stuff.” The only picture I could find was of the shirt you see, which is one of my running shirts. In case your eyes are like mine and you can’t figure out the cropped out bits, I’ll spell it out: “Running: Not better than sex, just more often.” As you may have guessed, there’s a story about this shirt, too, and I don’t think I’ve told it in a while, so here it is.

Ahem. There is a neat little company that makes running shirts (they used to make shorts, too, and men’s singlets but don’t any longer) called One More Mile. This company is really cool, and no, they don’t ask me to say that, I’m a very happy customer and have a lot of shirts and the afore-mentioned shorts from them. I love their stuff (my first shirt from them, which says “Sorry, I’ve got to run” is finally too frayed to wear) and when I started running 5 years ago this is where I got stuff to reward myself for not collapsing as often when I tried to make it around the block.

(get to the point already)

This cool company also runs a slogan contest periodically (there’s a t-shirt shaped link from their home page, upper right, helpfully called “click here for SLOGAN CONTEST”). You submit a funny slogan, and people vote, and if you win? You get an item with your slogan on it and they get to use it in the store if they want.

You know where this is going, right?

Yes, I’m the person who submitted the slogan you see above. And yes, the shirt was FREE. (woot!) And finally, cuz oversharing is one of my specialties, yes, at the time I was running a lot more than I was having sex. I used to say that I ran because it was my one chance to hear some heavy breathing and break a sweat.

Well, lemme tell you, that ain’t the case right now. Not in the slightest. Maybe it’s time to submit a new slogan…