Friday dance

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I am Groot.

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Jobs that are acceptable on Thanksgiving:

  • air traffic controller
  • soldier
  • police, emt, doctor, nurse
  • grocery store employees
  • gas station attendant
  • wait staff, cooks, and management at many restaurants
  • 5K run coordinator
  • Football player (pro or college) plus thousands of stadium employees and hundreds of sportscasters
  • reporter, news anchor, meteorologist, support staff at hundreds of television stations
  • toll booth attendant
  • thousands of data center operators that keep the internet, OMG Facebook, twitter and yes this blog functioning
  • utility workers that keep the lights on and toilets flushing
  • airline pilots, flight attendants, luggage handlers, maintenance staff, airport employees
  • bus drivers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, you name it all kinds of drivers
  • thousands more

Jobs that are not acceptable on Thanksgiving:

  • retail employees, because they “need to spend time with their families.”

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Evil still exists

I can’t write, not clearly or coherently, about my own feelings on this matter. So I’m going to share this young woman since she hits many of the points I would make.

I do tell my kids to please not piss off the police. Texas can be a shoot first, ask questions later sort of place, and the venom I see spewing on local web sites and social media is a constant reminder that color does matter and that racial prejudice is very much a part of everyday life in America.

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I seem to be in a musical place today

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Nothing is for free.

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