this would be me

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If you don’t like Cyanide and Happiness, well, we can still be friends. Cause I’m all accepting and crap.

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across the wire

I’m in the mood for some Queen today.

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Ride ‘em, cowboy.

I’m a huge Brian May fan, so this is cool to watch – notice the very different video style / production

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Give me all your love tonight.

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  1. Fatty :: Roll a
  2. Injection :: Detection
  3. Fearless :: my little dog
  4. Overflow :: toilet
  5. Contract :: cell phone
  6. Steal :: second base
  7. Heartless :: bwahahahahaha. Heart, as in the Wilson sisters.
  8. Flap :: airplane
  9. Baseline :: baseball
  10. Merger :: acquisitions

Winter weather bites.

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chewing and spitting

One song that always has me singing is of course “Love Bites (So Do I)” by Halestorm.

I could write an essay about love and relationships and all that, but not today. Someday.

It checks you in and kicks you down,
And chews you up and spits you out.
It messes with your sanity by twisting all your thoughts around.
They say it’s blind they say it waits but every time it seals your fate.
And now it’s got you by the balls it won’t let go until you fall.
I was down and out, got up I said “Hey love I’ve had enough!”
I’ve felt pleasure without pain.
My soul you’ll never take!

Love bites, but so do I.
Love bites, but so do I, so do I
Love bites, but so do I, so do I, so do I!
Love bites, but so do I, so do I.
Love bites!
Love bites!

I know a thousand ways to help you forget about her…

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Dat scream…

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