Never never

I come here and click on “new post” and start to type and then realize – I talk too much.

I had the power all along.

I had the power all along.

If I start to say something, I might not stop. My filter is very weak right now, and it would only lead to a hot mound of regret, so nope, I just can’t write what is on my mind. As I’ve said before, my draft folder is littered with stuff that cannot ever see the light of day.

It’s better this way. I should stick to cartoons and movie news and music videos.


need an angel

I just watched Hot Fuzz for probably the tenth time. It just gets better. So many layers.

I love that movie so hard.


I love this

YouTube Preview Image

Owen Wilson says “wow.”

I fucking love this.

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I’m watching one of those super-hero shows (it doesn’t matter, they almost all do this) (okay, it’s The Flash).

This happens a lot: oh, gee, i have super powers. I can fight criminals! Oh, wait, i can’t tell anyone, because if my [spouse/child/friend/partner] knows my True Identity, the bad guys would try to hurt them to get back at ME for being a do-gooder.

Every now and then they let somebody in on it so they can get killed or something fun.

So my random thought was: this is a recurring theme in a lot of popular entertainment. What they are really doing is training the populace that secrets are really a good thing, and necessary to protect our loved ones. Secrets mean a Hero is trying to help the little people.

And then we wonder why conspiracy theories keep talking off.

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