Join in if you know the words.


the artist is here

Speaking of songs (I was), you gotta check out the movie called The History of Future Folk. I appreciate bluegrass, too.

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I think I missed a week. Oh well. Here is week 634.

  1. Ringtone :: coworkers who don’t realize their phone has a volume button
  2. Slab :: marble
  3. Harness :: dog
  4. Couple :: few
  5. Shovel :: hoe
  6. Game :: thrones
  7. Patriotic :: flags
  8. Bleed :: let it
  9. Top :: bottom
  10. Leafy :: lettuce

By the way, totally random thought here; I learned recently it is grammatically incorrect to put two spaces after a period. I was taught 35 years ago to type with two spaces after a period and I’ve done it that way ever since. This is such an ingrained habit for me that I’ve decided to try and reteach myself to do it the correct way. I’ve also sometime in the last couple months passed 4,000 blog posts, all of which have two spaces after the period. Probably. I’m not going to go back and fix them.

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Another video, another song.

This band has helped me drag my sorry ass through the past several years, and according to my google stats I’ve played this song only 54 times. Which doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

YouTube Preview Image

Before you hedge those bets you placed against me
Be reticent to fortunes they foretell
Your verbal defecation, I can’t wash away despite myself
Your vanity, it seems has served you well

You’re so quick to choose the path walked by the righteous
So you can go and nest among the weak
The innocent observers will refuse to find the lie within
Renew the disappointment of the meek

You’re no Jesus Christ
You’re no Jesus Christ

Put the gun in my mouth and pull the trigger
I feel so alive here
Put the gun in my mouth that tastes so bitter
I feel so alive here

You’re no Jesus Christ
You’re no Jesus Christ

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