Breaking Cold

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tbh, it doesn’t have to be a snowman.

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The other day a person was arrested here and charged with their sixth DUI. In the local paper, of course in the comments section, were people who said “Why is this person out and driving after five arrests for drunk driving?”

The deck is stacked strongly in the favor of giving people an extra chance. Innocent until proven guilty has turned into innocent until proven guilty enough for us to actually take action. There are plenty of criminals walking free because in someone’s eyes it costs too much to prosecute or hold them for their crime.

I am basically waiting for my son to commit a serious crime so that he can possibly get the psychological help he needs. We are simply out of resources, and every where we turn we hear “it’s not our problem,” “we can’t help him,” “He’s not that bad.” I’m hoping we don’t make CNN one night, when he finally does cross the line. I think of how many other parents have been in the same place. Parents who are hounded by people asking “Why didn’t you tell someone your son was capable of this?” who can only respond “Nobody listened.”

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Pieces, part two

I walk into crosswalks “like a boss,” now because I figure if a car doesn’t stop in time they are probably just doing the world a favor. Believe it or not, in this part of Texas, pedestrians are usually the exception and distracted drivers are certainly the norm.

And then today I see this and just laughed so hard I might have burst something.

No one will cry at MY funeral

No one will cry at MY funeral

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Faster, faster

I’m already on the road to hell, every now and then I nudge the gas pedal…

It's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.

Here is the original.

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