Access to a computer makes me over share

Something is bugging me, in a way that only my convoluted brain can properly follow. When I blew up the theme to my blog (last week? the week before? Dunno) I lost all the crap I have spent years putting here. Little things like colors and fonts; links in the sidebar (like my badge for […]

Like a pig

Oldies do the sweating Today: 5 miles, 1 hour and ten seconds. Like I was counting. Month: 34.4 miles 6h 46m 57s Year: 468.2 miles 3 days, 21h 22m 52s If any of you, out there in the magical, mythical, world called the “internet,” are married to men who do not sweat? Then count your […]

Uncoscious Mutterrer; week

I say, and you think… Savage :: Beast Warrior :: Class Daisy :: Daisy, give me your answer do Schedule :: class Rock, paper, scissors :: tic tac toe Medical :: degree Jade :: some movie Elevator :: going doooown Drain :: down the Goldfish :: see “drain” Also, if you hurry, today’s Woot is […]