I sometimes say that my life is like a Lifetime movie. Which is a strange thing for me to say, because I really don’t watch many Lifetime movies. Not all the way through, at least. But it sure seems like I’m in one.

Grr.. argh!

I’m usually busy watching zombie movies, or aliens, or football. Or maybe a raunch comedy about middle age guys that get lost in Vegas or something.

Zombies playing football? Would be awesome. Messy, and probably pretty short. Awesome, though.

Since I think I’m stuck in one, how do the Lifetime movies usually end? Is it happily ever after? Does the bad guy win? Riding off into the sunset or does the city burn to the ground?

Zombie movies are pretty predictable. So is football. I like to pretend my life movie is still in production.

(you can stop laughing any time)

One thought on “Argh

  1. Grrr, argh!

    I don’t know, I don’t watch Lifetime movies either. Which reminds me, I need to watch Shaun of the Dead again very soon.

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