Front runner

If and when the time comes for another car, I think this is the one I want.

Mazda 3, Wagon Hatch (thanks, BB), manual transmission.

Mazda3 This is a Mazda 3 (hatch, not wagon, thanks BB for the note). I’m used to driving a civic hatch that we’ve had since 1990 or so.

It’s a great car (my car, haven’t driven a 3 yet) and I don’t wanna see car payments. I’m just saying – if it comes down to replacing it, I’d like this I think.

But in red.

6 thoughts on “Front runner

  1. They have Copper Red Mica and Velocity Red Mica. My Dad was on the waiting list for one of the first. It’s Copper Red, and he bought it becasue of its fuel efficiency and the fact that he can fit both his bike and his wife’s in the back. I still use car seats for all my kids(they’re less than 80 pounds, even combined), so we’re resigned to having a minivan or an SUV.

  2. Yeah, I’m dreaming. Our kids are getting bigger, so car seats aren’t quite as vital as they were (and in my civic it handles two car seats in the back easily).

    The thing is, the Civic isn’t getting any younger, and I’d like an alternative for solo trips to The City. Just can’t. afford. car. payment. right now.

  3. Also, I can’t have copper red here in town, it looks too much like Orange (University of Texas) and I don’t want to get my windows smashed in on game nights.

    Aggies are great and all, but some people can go a bit overboard with school spirit.

  4. I know about Aggie Spirit! I remember when the horns were cut out of the turf at the Longhorn’s field. My DH works with all Aggies, so I pretend to be an Aggies fan…

  5. My husband replaced his Civic with a Mazda 3 (“hatch” not “wagon”) in February and really likes it. He had to special order it to get the exact features and it took about 3 months to reach us. I didn’t mind that one bit since it meant 3 additional months until the car payments began.

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