Musical cues

They say that listening to a piece of music can bring back memories and emotions that you felt when you heard it previously. And no, I don’t know exactly who “they” is in this case, I’ve just read stories about it.

I can’t believe that you need my love so bad
You come sneaking around, trying to drive me mad
Busting in all my dreams, making me see things I don’t want to see

Today I was listening to music streaming and decided to put on Judas Priest. This all started because I read a comment that Iron Maiden (still playing, whoda thunk it) uses cables on their guitars instead of a wireless rig. Listened to number of the beast, then found some Priest. Now I cannot recall the last time I listened to Hell Bent for Leather in it’s entirety, but if I close my eyes I can remember the group of friends I was with when we first listened to it. I think I’m going to spin the Scorpions next.

I grab my things and make my run
On the way out, another one
Would like to know before I stop
Did I make it or did I flop
Don’t want to find out
Just want to get out