Musical cues

They say that listening to a piece of music can bring back memories and emotions that you felt when you heard it previously. And no, I don’t know exactly who “they” is in this case, I’ve just read stories about it. I can’t believe that you need my love so bad You come sneaking around, […]

Holding onto strings

Burned out and it is all my own fucking fault but dayum I need to catch a break sometime. And I said Hear me now here and now I’m calling Memories wear me down And this seems so complicated When all I want is just the truth If you’re still hanging around reading my nonsense, […]

maybe I’ve watched the Hobbit too often

I had a bizarre dream the other night. This happens all the time, but I rarely remember them for long, like wisps of fog the memories disappear when the sun comes up. The only part of this dream I remember is that I somehow had my wedding ring on and was trying to take a […]