missing a link

I want to feel inspired. I do. I want to feel that ‘aha’ moment like on the Blues Brothers where suddenly everything makes sense and i know what I need to do and why the hell I’m doing it.

Yeah. I’ve been waiting almost fifty years for that, and I don’t think it’s coming. Ever.

It’s another piece of the puzzle about why I like movies and music – people seem so sure of themselves. I wonder if it’s hollywood or if there really are people like that, or on the other hand are people like this everywhere and I’m the one that is broken and unable to give a flying fuck in an organized fashion.

I like this song. I said a while back that I really dig this album by Shinedown; and Unity just passed through my headphones and I thought I’d share. It’s catching up with Enemies, I’ll Follow You and Adrenaline in my top songs from Amaryllis. Still looking for my moment of truth, it seems. Cute kid in the video, too.