Let the good times roll

When I was in high school my best friend had a paper route, it was an evening paper so he would go home after school and roll the newspapers, put a rubber band around them, and stuff them in a giant canvas bag. Then the bag goes over the shoulder, hop on the bicycle and […]

Not alright

Watching this video, I realize several things: Cell phones were never designed to record rock concerts. And that’s ok. My job would be a lot more fun surrounded by people twirling fire. Screaming fans would be a definite plus. I like to stare at the sun And think about what I’ve done I lie awake […]

Walking on water

I’m minding my own business, listening to a mix on the ol’ headphones, and Pop Evil busts through the fog. Fuck yeah. And yes, if you’ve been around a while, this video is actually a repeat for me. It goes to eleven. Okay, now I’m in a rock hard mood: A little Skillet? Sure. Three […]