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If it isn’t obvious why I don’t like this channel, here is a summary of sexism on F@x someone put together. I didn’t have the stomach to listen to it all. I want a better world for my daughter, my sons, my family. Why does anyone tolerate this? (the same reason there is a Trump […]

hurricane season

Squalls out on the gulf stream, big storm’s coming soon I passed out in my hammock… and God, I slept till way past noon Stood up and tried to focus, I hoped I wouldn’t have to look far I knew I could use a Bloody Mary, so I stumbled next door to the bar ~Jimmy […]

missing a link

I want to feel inspired. I do. I want to feel that ‘aha’ moment like on the Blues Brothers where suddenly everything makes sense and i know what I need to do and why the hell I’m doing it. Yeah. I’ve been waiting almost fifty years for that, and I don’t think it’s coming. Ever. […]