Yeah…About that new pool?

The first afternoon, much fun was had by all. The next day: 7AM, Catie wakes me and is wearing her bathing suit. “Can we go in the pool Mommy?” **DH was already gone. What was I going to tell her? The sun was still waking up? I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee yet?**

The creaky wheels in my mind must’ve woken the other two girls, because they both seemed to suddenly appear beside Catie – in their suits. My eyes immediately went to the clock beside the bed, and it read 7:02AM. I told the girls that, out of respect for our neighbors, I’d like them to wait until at least 8:00. So it’s really my fault that as I gathered three towels and sat with them for the next hour, I kept hearing “How much longer, Mom?” Also heard was : “I think the clock in the living room is actually broken, ’cause the hands are not even moving!” *sigh* And I still had not managed to make my first cup of coffee when the one-minute countdown began. As I approached the sliding glass doors, the energy rose behind me, like we were at Texas Motor Speedway : “Gentlemen, start your engines!” **vroom, Vroom, VROOM! ** When I opened the door, three little girls squealed and streaked past me into the backyard, splashing into the pool. They were all splashing and having a great time. I decided to take advantage of this moment! I started the coffeemaker, got out my favorite mug, sprinkled a little Splenda in the bottom in preparation for fresh coffee, grabbed this month’s Redbook and sat down at the kitchen table to begin reading. No, I haven’t read it yet. I now that it’s already 2 weeks into June! If you read my blog regularly, it’s easy to see why.

Fast forward 15 minutes:
When I look up from reading my magazine, I see water spraying everywhere. Out of the garden hose. At full pressure. Halie was holding the nozzle, pointing it at her sisters like a carnival game. My oldest daughter would knock one her sisters down, then aim at the sister still standing. When the first casualty had recovered and stood again, Halie would blow her over again. Holy Water, Batman! I walked outside to turn off the hose, and noticed that the pool was overflowing, and had made our yard quite swampy. I told the girls to come inside, and as I turned to grab the towels I had brought out earlier – they were not there. Catie saw the confusion and frustration on my face as she sheepishly pulled hers from under the water and held it up for me to see. **WHAT?!**

Luckily, I had just finished a load of towels, so my girls got warm towels directly from the dryer. They spent the rest of the day INSIDE. DH came home that evening, and when I told him about the day, he said we should call it ‘The Apocalypse Pool’.

5 thoughts on “Yeah…About that new pool?

  1. Don’t kids have a way of turning a perfectly good time into a disaster. It’s a good thing we love them so much. Sorry to hear you had such an early and chaotic morning.

  2. I am not sure how I got to your website, well the other one actually, but it is just too funny! I have baby twins and decided to buy us a pool for them this year. Ummm… what was I thinking. To make a loooonnng story short. DH bought a three ring pool, it busted after two uses, I bought a big family size pool which has lasted but took me an entire day in the hot sun blowing it up because I didn’t listen to DH when he said we had the wrong air pump. Then I syphoned water from the kitchen into it so that it wouldn’t be freezing for my babies and by the time I did that it was too windy and dark to swim. The next day when I took the girls for their first swim in the family pool, I took my cell phone with me. :*( Just letting you know I am feeling your pain! Stupid pools!

  3. Hi y’all,

    This sounds like fun, you may not have seen that this post was by Erin. My kids would love a pool, but with dogs that still chew everything in sight I’m afraid to give them yet another chew toy. We have a community pool about a mile from the house and a season pass, so we’re pretty much set. Between that and the lawn sprinkler they don’t have many complaints.

    Check out Erin’s web site, if you haven’t already!

  4. Erin, you can NOT turn you back on kids when water is about 🙂 This is just a given. Next time you set the ground rules right away… no pool until Mommy has her coffee.

  5. LOL I’ve been there, done that. I made a rule after that. They could play in the pool for half an hour after lunch and half an hour after naptime (if they were quiet and rested), no hose, and only if their chores were done. I would take a book out with me (one and only time to read), sit in the shade of a tree and keep an eye on them. It seemed to work. Right now, we don’t have a pool though, but like Ben, we have a pass to the local civic center, so we’re okay.

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