This day

It is Father’s day. Whatever the duck that means. It’s a lot like every other day. Too much to do, not enough energy to do it. Can’t sleep even though I’m exhausted. Have work tomorrow. Dog barking. What else is new? Another night where I’m fine with not waking up tomorrow.

waking up

I’ve been happily ignoring just about anything to do with the new Jurassic movie unless it was a joke or something and then I see this and have an instant movie boner: Can’t wait now. I wish there was an easy way to find out when movies are going to be released.

Let it go

In my efforts to generally not give a fuck, I have certainly stopped worrying so much about myself. I find I’m a more relaxed driver (especially when I’m in the car alone) because I really don’t give a shit if some idiot runs me down. My protective instincts overrule this when I have passengers, so […]