Update: I have added the option to register as a subscriber.  No, I don’t plan to require registration, but I have told the spam filter to treat registered users more kindly than others.  Mainly because you have to have a valid e-mail address to get an account.  we’ll see how this goes.

I found a bunch of comments stuck in a spam filter.  Um, I don’t know WHY they were stuck there, but they were.  So I un-stucked them.

If you leave a comment and it doesn’t immediately appear, let me know!  I have a handy-dandy “contact” menu item that you should be able to see at the top of each page.  Completing the form will set off a chain of events which includes actually lighting fire under my ass to check and make sure your comment gets the attention it properly deserves.  I don’t think you’ll get a warning message or anything (though (I may be wrong).  I have a nifty program behind the scenes that analyzes comments and tries to figure out if they are spam or not.

colors: what colors do y’all like?  I’ve played with some of them (we are purple as I write this) and can’t decide.  I may not stay with this theme but since I’ve been busy modifying it I guess I’ll keep it for a while.

8 thoughts on “Administrivia

  1. *best Simon Cowell voice* Well the template is okay but the purple? Not the best color choice for you.

    Congrats on the blog move by the way!

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