Way, way down inside

Oh fuck yes. [funky solo break time] trivia: I live 100 miles from where this was filmed. I’ve never ever been to the venue. (this is my site, so I can make the trivia personal if I wanna) Love is the drug for me.

where was I

Somewhere during the past ten years or so I seem to have forgotten what the fuck I was doing with regards to this blog. ┬áThat’s not the only thing, but that’s one thing I guess.   WTF?   The last year or two I’ve treated it like a rather expensive youtube channel, I really don’t […]

Shake this

  Useless trivia for today: In a former life, I used to race sailboats in Dallas with their trombone player. ┬áPeople kept asking him when he was going to get a “real job.”   That was thirty years ago. I say yeah.