Got to be able to pick out the easy meat

This has been one of my favorite songs since I first heard it in high school. I guess the phrase is “it resonates” with me. I’ll spare you the video this time (it’s 20 minutes long and you can use google better than I can) but here are the lyrics. I don’t know why this […]

Like old times

I’m watching Dukes of Hazzard and it is every bit as I remembered it.  Trivia question, see if you know this without a web search: what is the name of the town mechanic and friend of the Duke boys?  Bonus for first and last name. The most bizarre roasted streudel ad just came on, reminding […]

summer mutters

Here I go again! Go here to get the words in an easy format to copy and paste to your own blog or ransom note. Week 544: Pillow :: case Calendar :: month Melissa :: Etheridge Notebook :: spiral Circumstance :: unfortunate Technical :: difficulties Bracket :: basketball Horror :: Rocky Pink :: Floyd Polish […]