Love this song. Only listen to TSO around Christmas. Always leaves me with mixed feelings, but the music is good. Songwriter Paul O’Neill. If you want to arrange itThis world, you can change itIf we could somehowMake this Christmas thing lastBy helping a neighborOr even a strangerTo know who needs help,You need only just ask

I don’t enjoy this time of year. I really wish I did, I didn’t ask to be this broken (worse in the winter). I don’t talk about it with anyone because that just leads to them saying “get over it, you have too much to be thankful for”, or worse, deciding I’m so fragile that […]

Jolly as fuck

Yeah, I have a tough time with Christmas. Winter, holidays, whatever you want to call it. Not my best this time of year. At least I can acknowledge it now, instead of pretending. I sound like a fucking scrooge, but don’t really care anymore. To fight it I’ve brought in some Jimmy Fallon. First, Saint […]