There Otto be a way

My dear friend Mir is welcoming somebody we (the internet) only know as “Otto” to her home this weekend to, among other things, fix her vapor lock and seal her driveway.

*wink wink, nudge nudge, know-what-I-mean?*

Anyway, since Otto is a bit of a mystery, I thought it was high time somebody did a little digging to figure out just what he is like.

Of course, as anyone with limited knowledge and an internet connection will do, I (the self-appointed “somebody”) went straight to Google with the one thing I do know: he is called “Otto.”

Here’s what I’ve found, so far:

My first find for Otto indicates he may, indeed, be a working man of impeccable character and drive.

Then I stumbled across another Otto, and perhaps Mir has found herself an A-Vee-A-Tor. Although, from her description (“he smells good“) it makes a plastic blow up friend a little less likely. So, I press on.

Yet another Otto, this one has some promise. We all know that Mir is educated, beautiful, and talented and also loves to Toga and pour beer all over herself. This seems like a good match.

Finally, I ran across another Otto, and suddenly I have a whole new appreciation for “cleaning the gutters.” Or perhaps this is just the Otto that I might pick. Dunno.

So what do you, dear internets, think is the likely match for Mir? Care to add some others?

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