I like it heavy

Thank you Lzzy Hale: Take me home tonight I’ll do anything with you Buy a bottle of whiskey, we’ll get matching tattoos Tell me that you love me, oh let me drive your car We can sit till morning light, just countin’ every star ‘Cause if there’s a Hell, I’ll meet you there And if […]

not a joke

He has no idea who I am, but I have read Adam’s stuff for ages. Well, in internet terms it’s ages. I post some comments to him on Facebook or other social media, I occasionally check in on his web page. He’s an alright guy that I know I probably won’t ever meet in person […]

anything less would be uncivilized

Stun :: setting phasers Park :: and Ride Five :: Jackson Slice :: cheese Straight :: flush Neil :: Diamond Benchmark :: testing Civilized :: this one was spelled cilivized so I changed it and now I don’t remember what I was going to say about it. Something something beer commercial. Today :: better than […]