Gimme shelter

It happens every year but it still feels like getting tackled on my blind side. Yup, seasonal what the fuck disorder. I know much more now than I used to. I know depression lies. I know that the changing seasons affect me more strongly than many others. I know it starts around November and can […]

Is it over?

This has been a pretty shitty day. To cap off a crappy week, on the midst of a lousy year, which actually is part of a fucked up decade so far. Yeah, i’m all sunshine up in here

embracing, er, something or other

This entry is a mess and will probably languish forever in the drafts folder. Much of this does not need to be said, but I have a compelling need to write it down. If that makes any sense. It’s getting to be the end of the year, and as always I’m feeling like a little […]