Gimme shelter

It happens every year but it still feels like getting tackled on my blind side. Yup, seasonal what the fuck disorder. I know much more now than I used to. I know depression lies. I know that the changing seasons affect me more strongly than many others. I know it starts around November and can […]

Gotcha. Gotcha not.

Halloween is full of promise and memories and ups and downs, if you care even remotely about it. Or if you are family or close friends to those who do love Halloween. Halloween can be really scary for some people; often the kind of people who seek out haunted houses or creepy woods. Maybe you […]

fight the good fight

There’s a Triumph lyric that I always have in my mind this time of year: “Days grow shorter and the nights are getting long seems like we’re running out of time every day it seems much harder telling right from wrong you’ve got to read between the lines don’t get discouraged don’t lose your faith […]