enough adulting already

It’s hard when life is a struggle. It’s harder when it’s a struggle for someone you love and you cannot help them. I’m not being vague for a “hey, what’s up?” I just can’t go into too much for privacy’s sake. Interestingly this just came around on the jukebox: ‘Cause tables are meant for turnin’ […]

I like it heavy

Thank you Lzzy Hale: Take me home tonight I’ll do anything with you Buy a bottle of whiskey, we’ll get matching tattoos Tell me that you love me, oh let me drive your car We can sit till morning light, just countin’ every star ‘Cause if there’s a Hell, I’ll meet you there And if […]

Musical cues

They say that listening to a piece of music can bring back memories and emotions that you felt when you heard it previously. And no, I don’t know exactly who “they” is in this case, I’ve just read stories about it. I can’t believe that you need my love so bad You come sneaking around, […]