a little magic power makes it better than it seems

I’ve always loved this song. As a teen I saw Triumph a couple of times, some of the first rock concerts I went to see. Incredible performers, of course I was wowed (as 17-year-olds can be) Here’s how the big show looked back then, complete with early 80s video effects: You don’t hear Triumph very […]


It’s no secret that depression is harsh, that it lies and can crush the soul. It likes to sneak up behind a person and smash them with a hammer when they least expect it, or hide under the bed and wait until after what you thought was a good day ago it can suck the […]


Jobs that are acceptable on Thanksgiving: air traffic controller soldier police, emt, doctor, nurse grocery store employees gas station attendant wait staff, cooks, and management at many restaurants 5K run coordinator Football player (pro or college) plus thousands of stadium employees and hundreds of sportscasters reporter, news anchor, meteorologist, support staff at hundreds of television […]