It’s no secret that depression is harsh, that it lies and can crush the soul. It likes to sneak up behind a person and smash them with a hammer when they least expect it, or hide under the bed and wait until after what you thought was a good day ago it can suck the […]

Holy crap – not a picture or music video

This is a really awesome list of, to use their title, random bits of wisdom. an excerpt: 9. A good laugh is (almost) better than sex. 10. Naps should be encouraged. I need to read this several times a day for a while. Happiness is a choice.

somebody slap me

A couple hours ago I was doing something. Something boring, I guess, since I can’t remember exactly what it was I was doing. And I was smiling. And I was happy. Over the rainbow sort of happy. And I realized – now granted for many people this is a normal feeling but for me I […]