the term is haunted

It has been six years since I royally fucked things up in my marriage and my life. Almost five since the damage control really kicked in. Six years ago I moved out of my home and into a little apartment to (hahaha it would be funny except it’s not) to find myself and start, uh, […]

Gotcha. Gotcha not.

Halloween is full of promise and memories and ups and downs, if you care even remotely about it. Or if you are family or close friends to those who do love Halloween. Halloween can be really scary for some people; often the kind of people who seek out haunted houses or creepy woods. Maybe you […]

Don’t move, this is a set up!

Yes, two sunny days in a row. Sunny metaphorically, as well as sunny, as in outside the window. After my little diarhea of the blog the other night, I’m starting to do things. Things that might help me out of this rut. ARTHUR: You did a good job finding us Marvin. Where have you been? […]