i don’t apologize

It’s the strangest thing, i feel compelled to explain myself here when I’m absent or when i don’t feel well or when I’m just full of piss and vinegar. Really? First off, the blog doesn’t care what i do. Ever. Blogs don’t have feelings. There are very few (if any) readers here and if they […]


It’s no secret that depression is harsh, that it lies and can crush the soul. It likes to sneak up behind a person and smash them with a hammer when they least expect it, or hide under the bed and wait until after what you thought was a good day ago it can suck the […]


Have you ever watched the movie Click? It has Adam Sandler (one of his good movies, not crap like 50 First Dates), Kate Beckinsale, and Christopher Walken makes an appearance and Jonah Hill I think. Even the Hoff shows up as an evil boss. Story goes that a guy has the usual difficulties, somehow acquires […]