don’t get Miffy with me, young man

Okay, maybe you can.

This is pretty cool, and for an old fart like me that has been living under a rock, I’m learning something new.

This is about Miffy.

Oddly enough, I had not heard of Miffy before now (seen Miffy, yes, but didn’t know her name), and now, thanks to a series of fortunate events, I can now offer you a Miffy plush doll.

Looks like this:

Slightly Miffy

(Click to make Miffy Biggy)

Anyway, here’s the thing. This particular Miffy is only available at Ty’s Toy Box. It’s exclusive. Unlike me, who’s available anywhere you find the internet. Anyway, this is pretty cool. I’m giving one away (thanks to Ty and his toy box).

If you want a Miffy, you can go to Ty’s and with any Miffy purchase get a giant Miffy for a dollar. You can get free shipping on domestic orders over $65, and use a coupon code (Holidays) for $5 off, but I think that ends today. Or soon. Don’t know. They don’t just have Miffy things, so perhaps you’ll find something else that suits your fancy.

Here’s the deal on the one I’m giving away: Go visit the Toy Box, come back here, and tell me in the comments which of their characters your kids would love to have. Sounds easy because it IS. I’ll pick one comment at random after Wendesday at 11:58 1/2 PM, and that commenter will win a Miffy!. And, as you know, if I get about two comments a day (on a good day) so your odds are pretty good I might pick yours, if you bother to comment.

So: comment, you might win a Miffy. Thanks for playing.

2 thoughts on “don’t get Miffy with me, young man

  1. Aw, I like Miffy. Any cartoon character that doesn’t talk for itself is always good in my book. lol

    My youngest loves Charlie and Lola, I think it’s the accents. Oh and the Disney Princesses. But I think that’s a requirement of being a 5 year old girl.

  2. Oh Em GEE! I remember Miffy!

    To be perfectly honest, we don’t have TV so the kids don’t watch a lot – however, we DO have some of the Wiggles DVDs and both kiddos absotively LOVE Captain Feathersword. Except he makes CJ sad when he cries. Which is cute, I think, because at least CJ doesn’t want Captain Feathersword to be sad. And for the record, Captain Feathersword is a huge part of Pirates winning the Pirates vs. Ninjas battle.

    What about me? I would LOVE to have Curious George all over again. I lost 90% of my toys and stuffed animals from when I was a kid, and those memories deserve to be shared with my kids.

    (yes, I know, the link is different today. Don’t tell anyone.)

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