How long have I been gone

It’s Alice Cooper’s birthday today!  He’s 67.  This video has songs from his From the Inside album, one of my all-time favorites.  I sometimes hum Nurse Rozetta when I’m stuck waiting at the doctor’s office.  Halfway through the video he switches from Rozetta to Quiet Room.     My Home from home, my Twilight Zone, […]

More edumacation!

This is just another useful tool; I provide these as a service to you free of charge. (Ain’t that nice?) Are you in the friendzone? Not to tell you how I did but I’m singing a Kenny Loggins song.

We all want to know: how l-low can you go

They played this on the radio on the way to work this morning (except all the F-bombs were bleeped on the radio) Gotta buy this one. They fucking rock. And cuz that video won’t play straight from here, I found one that will (but seriously, the sound on the original is awesome. Headphone zone here […]