patient. not always, I am

The subject of this post makes little to no sense, but that’s ok. I was going for a Yoda vibe, which I decided to do when I was halfway done writing it. Whatever. I’m trying to overcome my own inner assholitude in order to rebuild my life. I want it all and I want it […]

about that bridge…

Okay, I’ve gone past the point of ridiculousness. (and it’s crazy that I spelled that word without looking it up. For reals) This week I’ve written a couple of NPR-ish posts about the evils of the world that bug me. And today, while I was driving back from grabbing a salad at lunch (to deal […]

Now that’s alternative to alternative

On this mornings’ run, my mental jukebox was on “Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues,” by the wonderful Todd Snider. And, just because my mental jukebox sometimes skips a bit, here it is, covered by Yoda: Hey, hey, my, my. Never die, rock and roll will. Your hair down in your eye hang. Make a million […]