maybe I’ve watched the Hobbit too often

I had a bizarre dream the other night. This happens all the time, but I rarely remember them for long, like wisps of fog the memories disappear when the sun comes up. The only part of this dream I remember is that I somehow had my wedding ring on and was trying to take a […]

A new day

And the sun is up and shining and so far there has only been one (small) fire in the kitchen and I have a cup of coffee so who am I to complain? I say… and you think… Week 568 Comedy :: Tragedy Warning :: shot Bowling :: pin Picked :: fruit Shotgun :: wedding […]

Only the spoon knows what is stirring in the pot

I was clearing some dishes out of the sink and had the disposal running and thanks to soapy wet fingers I dropped a spoon into the churning maws. You know the sound, right? Of course, it was one of the “good” spoons, from our wedding. The spoon of course is still a spoon but is […]