anything less would be uncivilized

Stun :: setting phasers Park :: and Ride Five :: Jackson Slice :: cheese Straight :: flush Neil :: Diamond Benchmark :: testing Civilized :: this one was spelled cilivized so I changed it and now I don’t remember what I was going to say about it. Something something beer commercial. Today :: better than […]

life in the fast lane

Week 637 of my sporadic following of this meme 🙂 I say… and you think… Science :: She blinded me with it Everywhere :: Nowhere Seed :: Demon Comedian :: Watchmen Philadelphia :: experiment Disillusioned :: oh hell yes. Rolls :: Dinner History :: ancient Eagles :: peaceful easy feeling Disappointed :: so many people


I could post some angst-y bullshit about my life and why I somehow can’t play this little meme/game on time lately but I’ll just save it. Le sigh. Anyway, again, here are two weeks worth of Unconscious Mutterings. Ahem. Week 557 I say … and you think … ? Spirits :: are moving me, larger […]