This is one of those nights where I wish I could somehow share more about what was going on without violating anyone’s privacy. My son and I had a huge argument tonight, because he made a mistake, and because I feel like he will keep making the same mistake again and again. I want to […]

Boob toob

Found this over at Kirsi‘s (Shades of Blue) Ooh, this is a fun meme, found via Daisy. Here’s a list of televsion shows, bold all the shows which you have seen at least 3 episodes. 24 7th Heaven Adam-12 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alias Angel Arrested Development Barney Miller Battlestar Galactica Baywatch Beverly Hills 90210

This is too funny

They nail this one. Check it out (don’t be sipping a beverage, you’ve been warned) The Editing Room – Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith: The Abridged Script: “NATALIE PORTMAN (yawning) Hayden, I’m pregnant. HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (furrowing his brow) How can you be sure? NATALIE PORTMAN Because in a minute or two […]