I like it heavy

Thank you Lzzy Hale: Take me home tonight I’ll do anything with you Buy a bottle of whiskey, we’ll get matching tattoos Tell me that you love me, oh let me drive your car We can sit till morning light, just countin’ every star ‘Cause if there’s a Hell, I’ll meet you there And if […]

Finding peace

There was a glitch in my matrix today. I had a moment. (unrelated music video, but fuck yeah Taylor can rock) Okay, that’s what I’m listening to this morning. Well, it started when Heaven Knows popped up on my feed. Sorta like this: (skip to about 90 seconds in for the song to start) Anyway. […]

good in the bad and the ugly

I’m sure you know by now that I sorta have a crush on Halestorm. They rock my world in more ways than one. Since our local rock station shut down I’ve pretty much just listened to their cds in the car. I’m listening to a custom album a fan made right now on my phone. […]