Five minus three equals two

Week 532 of this meme. Play along here. Flashlight :: battery Criminal :: Batman Gathering :: of angels (from the Styx song) Passed :: up Medal :: gold Renovation :: renewal Sweat :: liquid awesome South :: Georgia Ginger :: Gilligan Jersey :: Girl okay, they do say ‘write down the first thing you think […]

Boob toob

Found this over at Kirsi‘s (Shades of Blue) Ooh, this is a fun meme, found via Daisy. Here’s a list of televsion shows, bold all the shows which you have seen at least 3 episodes. 24 7th Heaven Adam-12 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alias Angel Arrested Development Barney Miller Battlestar Galactica Baywatch Beverly Hills 90210

Again, Andy Borowitz nails one.

BARBARA BUSH RELOCATED Former First Lady Moved to New Location Away From Cameras, Microphones Just days after former First Lady Barbara Bush made widely publicized remarks about people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina, the White House said today that Mrs. Bush had been moved to “a new location away from television cameras and microphones.” Mrs. […]