Finding peace

There was a glitch in my matrix today. I had a moment. (unrelated music video, but fuck yeah Taylor can rock) Okay, that’s what I’m listening to this morning. Well, it started when Heaven Knows popped up on my feed. Sorta like this: (skip to about 90 seconds in for the song to start) Anyway. […]

self help

There is a lot of good advice, and some very well meaning people in this world. If you’ve read more than a post or two from me you probably realize I am frequently depressed. Not unlike Eeyore, it is hard for me to find the good in the world, and I’ve trained myself to instead […]

Is it over?

This has been a pretty shitty day. To cap off a crappy week, on the midst of a lousy year, which actually is part of a fucked up decade so far. Yeah, i’m all sunshine up in here