the term is haunted

It has been six years since I royally fucked things up in my marriage and my life. Almost five since the damage control really kicked in. Six years ago I moved out of my home and into a little apartment to (hahaha it would be funny except it’s not) to find myself and start, uh, […]

A mutter shower

Week 684. In case you’ve not seen this before, go here for a bit of an explanation. Meteor :: shower Piggy bank :: coins Star Trek :: Spock Nail polish :: remover Theme song :: M*A*S*H Bubble :: trouble Peeled :: fruit Teal :: colorful Container :: lid Survival :: of the fittest Yeah, boring, […]


I say.. and you think… Twins :: Danny DeVito Seven :: in a box Canceled :: Firefly Video :: killed the radio star Mistress :: of the Dark Puppy :: kisses Sadness :: madness Cleanse :: deep Impostor :: Mission Impossible (I’ve been watching the movies again) Fruitless :: SO MANY THINGS I think I […]