Love this song. Only listen to TSO around Christmas. Always leaves me with mixed feelings, but the music is good. Songwriter Paul O’Neill. If you want to arrange itThis world, you can change itIf we could somehowMake this Christmas thing lastBy helping a neighborOr even a strangerTo know who needs help,You need only just ask

I’m alive, dammit

I don’t do this as often as I used to, but still enjoy the game. Unconscious Mutterings, Week 648. Free association is described as a “psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content.” Over […]

i don’t apologize

It’s the strangest thing, i feel compelled to explain myself here when I’m absent or when i don’t feel well or when I’m just full of piss and vinegar. Really? First off, the blog doesn’t care what i do. Ever. Blogs don’t have feelings. There are very few (if any) readers here and if they […]