You’re coming up with reasons

Fridaylujah! Rock hard this morning. Who’s to know if your soul will fade at all The one you sold to fool the world You lost your self-esteem along the way Yeah You gave up on your dreams along the way. Yeah. Fake it if you’re out of direction Fake it if you don’t belong here […]

One pill makes you larger

And another makes you small. I’m not going to even try to put my thoughts on paper about the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I found this excellent piece written by Steffani (I’ve been reading her stuff since long before the events she describes here) and, well, it’s fucking amazing. Stress? We’re supposed to […]

so close

Oh man I had the most bizarre dream (series of dreams) last night, and I was all ready to post about it, but made the executive decision that I probably shouldn’t be posting anything online in the middle of the night, which of course led to me waking up this morning and only remembering that […]