happy mutter’s day!

Unconscious Mutterings, week 537, go here to get the words 🙂 537 :: this week’s words; also isn’t this a pair of Levis? Horizon :: over the Episode :: television Character :: development Crossed :: legs Shipping :: not included Jump :: trampoline Bowling :: ball Grumpy :: old man Them :: Us and


Gee, after writing that yesterday (that one of my main goals is to try and understand and help my kids through their development, instead of just nagging them, in case you missed it), this morning truly sucked donkey balls. This morning was the closest I’ve come to saying “Just fuck it,” and walking away from […]

hot to handle

I feel like I’m sitting in an oven, but I’m too cheap to turn on the air conditioning. It’s barely MARCH. Anyway. I’m thinking of getting a watch with a chronograph for myself for my birthday. Again, should be cheap. Sadly, I’m easily drawn to shiny things, and if you google anything like “sports watch” […]