the term is haunted

It has been six years since I royally fucked things up in my marriage and my life. Almost five since the damage control really kicked in. Six years ago I moved out of my home and into a little apartment to (hahaha it would be funny except it’s not) to find myself and start, uh, […]


Every winter when the days get short my mood is slammed by a ton of bricks and this winter is no exception.  Sentiments like “count your blessings” or “you have it really good” or one of the worst “gawd has a plan” only make it worse.  Many times I feel like the only reason I’m […]

they can’t even

Breathe in strength, breathe out bullshit. I’ve found my mantra. Fuck that. With each breath your take, your thoughts become lighter, and all the soul-eating cocksuckers just fall away into nothing. Take a moment to appreciate the silence.