By your command

I found this over at Lee’s blog, but the full article is here. His quote is perfect, so I’ll be a copy cat: Battlestar Gallactica showrunner Ron Moore has a blog and a couple of people wrote complaining about sex on the show and how their kids couldn’t watch it and so on. He gives […]

As the queue turns

Our family can be a little eclectic when it comes to movies. Just a glance at my Netflix queue: Just returned: Battlestar Galactose (Had I known about Number Six, I would have rented this a while back. Just sayin’) Shipping today: Wiggle Time

Boob toob

Found this over at Kirsi‘s (Shades of Blue) Ooh, this is a fun meme, found via Daisy. Here’s a list of televsion shows, bold all the shows which you have seen at least 3 episodes. 24 7th Heaven Adam-12 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alias Angel Arrested Development Barney Miller Battlestar Galactica Baywatch Beverly Hills 90210