muttley assortment

Here is week 528 of the game. Align :: paper Collar :: ring around the Orphan :: Annie Program :: ten day follow-up Waves :: beach! Accident :: waiting to happen Offices :: cubicle Corrupt :: politician Tears :: paper Family :: vital I’m still here.

hazards of installing the baby monitor backwards

Too funny: You know, parenthood can be spectacularly unsexy. Now, I’m sure there are people who would vehemently disagree with me on that statement — possibly while gesturing to the Sybian lurking in their hall closet, ready to erupt into full 120 RPM power as soon as the kids go down for their afternoon nap […]

we like variety

In our house at the moment: “Annie” is playing on the vcr in the boys room, accompanied by a thomas tank train set on the floor (bzzzzzz) and a Transformers helmet that makes your voice sound like optimus prime. Barney (Treehouse season) is on in the family room. I’m at the computer, trying to figure […]